Join us in a fast for peace on May 15, 2024


What is the fast for peace?

The fast for peace answers Gandhi’s challenge.
“The fifteenth is the day of our trial. Observe a fast on that day.”

The fast for peace promotes Gandhi’s lessons:
truth and nonviolence;
tolerance and voluntary temperance;
simplicity and self-control.

The fast for peace on the 15th is simple:
Just drink water for 24 hours.
No food, no intoxicants.
Put a peaceful intention in your day.

The fast is an open invitation for cooperation.
Peace is possible if we want it.
Who will fast for peace?

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April’s #fastforpeace Charity

Each month, participants in the fast for peace are encouraged to donate the money they saved on food to help others. This month, Prison Radio has been selected as the #fastforpeace charity. For three decades, they have been an independent media company, promoting the intrinsic human worth in each and every one of us. You can learn more about their work and make a donation on their website at:

“Fasting is an age-old institution. We fast when we do not feel pure, we fast as a penance for our past.” ~ M.K. Gandhi