In 1915, Mohandas Gandhi founded his first ashram in India, a voluntary community near the city of Ahmedabad. He had long been committed to treating “untouchables” as equals, and when a family asked to join the ashram he welcomed them, even treating their 8-year-old daughter Lakshmi as his own.

However, not everyone approved. His patrons, who had supported the settlement, withdrew their financial backing. The money dried up and Gandhi was faced with a difficult choice: expel the family in question to regain donations, or find a cheaper way to live. Gandhi, of course, unhesitatingly chose the latter.

Preparations were made to abandon the ashram, and take up residence in the untouchables’ section of town, where rent was cheaper. To earn money, he and his followers would look for work as day laborers. However, at the last minute, an anonymous donation of 13,000 rupees saved the ashram. Under Gandhi’s frugal management, the money would last a year; as time passed, donations came in again, and the community thrived.

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